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When Ebony gets an offer to further her career at Zoo Atlanta, she can’t say no. But the chance to put her Doctor of Veterinarian Medicine degree to good use means leaving her husband for two months. While they are no strangers to lengthy separations, being a married couple changes things…

Trevon, Ebony’s twin brother, is happy to have his sister in town. But Trevon has his own issues. When a night hanging out with his boys turns into him sitting at a bar drinking alone, it doesn’t take much for an exotic woman to captivate him. A night of hot sex turns into an obsession that is quickly extinguished when he finds out the truth of who she really is.

When past and present decisions leave twin siblings, Ebony and Trevon, standing at crossroads in their lives, what direction will they choose?

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WARNING: Crossroads includes spoilers from the first three books. If you're not caught up, click one of the retailer links above and complete your collection!